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At Opodo, they believe in providing a complete service. They work around the clock, seeking out the best deals and negotiating even better ones. With access to over 650 airlines, over 2 million hotels and more than 7,000 car rental locations, they are confident in their ability to offer some of the most competitive prices on everything you need to make your next journey complete: booking flights and hotel rooms, renting a car and more. Choose your destination, then visit the Opodo website to find out the best deals to go there: best prices for your flight, accommodation, or all-inclusive trips out of holiday period, on weekends...

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Don't miss a single flight deal

Whether you have your flight destination already firmly in mind or are setting out to the great unknown, Opodo has you covered. Enter your departure and arrival points and get the best prices on connections for your favorite dates, or simply enter a departure point and browse the lowest fares on some of the world’s top destinations. Ready to start your travel adventure?

Find your dream accommodation

Whatever your taste and budget, you can easily find your ideal hotel with Opodo. From standard hostels to luxury suites with a spa, Opodo makes it easy to book online. You can choose from more than 2,100,000 accommodations across the world. So, whether you are heading for a summer-time destination such as Barcelona or an off-the-beaten-track one such as Lasi, with Opodo you will find the accommodation you’re looking for and get the best prices in just a few clicks.

Create the holiday package that suits you

Are you looking for inspiration for your next holiday? Or you simply want to avoid spending countless hours sorting through thousands of options? Opodo does the hard work for you: it puts together the best holiday packages so you don’t have to search for your flight and hotel separately. Just enter the budget, dates and/or destinations and Opodo will do the rest! It searches millions of flight, hotel and car combinations in seconds and finds the best holiday deals that meet your needs.

Find deals on wheels

Do you want to make the most of your trip once at your destination? It’s easy: just reserve a car with Opodo, step off the plane and drive it off! All you have to do is choose among an extensive range of car rental options at the best prices to make your trip easier. Opodo partners with leading car rental companies worldwide to offer you the widest choice of vehicles, and ensure you get unbeatable rates on all the available transportation services.

Opodo top travel suggestions

Family Holidays

Eager to take your kids on a city break? Not sure about how you can make your holiday the best it can possibly be for your family? Opodo can help you find the best deals, taking into account all your family member’s needs. A family trip is bound to be a fun experience with children playing in water parks and making sandcastles on beaches, but it can be much more than that. It can also be educational, helping your children learn and boosting their imagination while having fun. With this in mind Opodo has pulled together a list of the most family-friendly places to give you some inspiration. Family holidays are where the best memories are made. Are you ready to create new incredible ones?

Digital Detox Holidays

Need a break not only from work and home, but also from sensory overload? Switch off your devices and go for a digital detox holiday! Digital detox is the latest trend in travel. Nowadays we are more connected than ever before, but at the same time the digital age is having a negative psychological and social impact on our lives. If you want to avoid checking your work emails while on holiday go on a digital detox break! Switching off your devices is the best way to de-stress and reconnect with yourself and others around you. Check out our guide and create your perfect digital detox getaway: de-stress, relax and enjoy your tech-free trip!

Responsible Travel

Travelling is not just about seeing the wonders of the planet but understanding our impact on it. More and more people are looking to make the shift from “tourists” to “responsible travelers” by finding ways to reduce negative impacts on the destinations they visit. Making conscious choices about how, when, and where to go on a trip can make a significant difference. If you’re eager to do your bit and show Mother Earth how much you care, check out Opodo responsible travel guidelines and top destinations and ensure your negative impact is minimal to none while you’re on holiday.

Cheap flights to top destinations

With access to over 650 airlines around the world, Opodo’s search engine can find, compare and rank the best deals on flight destinations according to your requests. You can save money by booking a round trip or searching through a range of dates to find the cheapest flight time available. The Opodo website is designed to provide a fast, reliable and easy user experience: every search will help you find a great amount of useful information and options. So, whether you are heading for a summer-time destination such as Barcelona or an off-the-beaten-track one such as Lasi, you will get the best prices with Opodo. Insider tip: Become an Opodo Prime member (try the annual membership for free for 30 days!) to save on every booking. We make your travel organization stress free and source exclusive airfare deals, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip.

Last-minute deals

A last-minute getaway always offers a special kind of excitement and the thrill of unexpected possibilities. Typically, booking in advance is the best way to get deals, but life doesn’t always give you that choice. When you’re stuck trying to find a flight to surprise your family with an unexpected trip home or you just want to travel on a whim, Opodo gives you up-to-date access to the very best last-minute deals so that you can plan your trip without having to book months ahead. We enable you to be spontaneous and follow your travel impulse with up-to-date searches of the very best last-minute flights to new destinations. If you seek inspiration, you can browse our selection of last-minute air links from your closest airport to a huge number of exciting destinations. If you have a target in mind, just enter the location and dates to have a comprehensive overview of price options updated every single day.

Memorable weekend breaks

A lot of great things can happen in 48 hours! Whether it is the answer to a sudden wanderlust or the beginning of a new and exciting romance, a weekend getaway to one of Europe’s most exciting cities or to a foreign and exotic countryside to rest and relax is always memorable. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, organizing a weekend getaway with Opodo is no sweat: compose your itinerary from Friday to Sunday and select all the options you need (flights, thousands of hotels and accommodation options to choose from as well as over 7,000 car rental locations) or pick a ready-made city break from the Opodo all-inclusive offers. Their customer care team is available to answer all your questions and offer exclusive deals as well. With so many great offers and destinations to choose from, your challenge lies in selecting only one. Prepare to spend two or three unforgettable days abroad!

Even better deals with promotional codes

One of Opodo's wishes is to thank their loyal customers who regularly use their booking travel services. They want to give them additional discount offers and the possibility to access promotional codes. There are several ways to get to great reductions, even to be used on already great deals. You can follow their social media profiles for exclusive access to new offers, or subscribe to the Opodo newsletter to get the latest and greatest deals and discounts right to your inbox. And you can get a £10 discount by booking through the Opodo travel app! They are constantly striving to come up with new and exciting ways to reward their customers with more discounts released every week.

The Opodo teams are putting their best efforts into improving flights, hotels and service offers available to their customers as well as their overall experience of booking travel packages online. They take advantage of their more than 20 years of experience as well as the latest technologies to provide a fast, efficient and comprehensive service. As well as a commitment to excellent service, they also guarantee that your booking experience on the Opodo websites offers you the best deals available on the market.

They are confident of this, so they are constantly updating their prices on a daily basis to make sure it is almost impossible to find a better offer. Book online with Opodo and enjoy a new kind of service with global standards of quality and reliability.